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BizDojo will this year celebrate its two-year anniversary in Ponsonby – a prime location with local culture and sweeping views of the city. We spoke with its community manager, Rhiana, about how far it has come and where it is going.

Since its opening, BizDojo Ponsonby has maintained a balance between professional structure and community culture. This has been made easier by its association with holding company, IWG (International Workplace Group), and the systems it offers. Now you can work at any of the Regus locations, one of the operating brands under IWG as well as BizDojo Ponsonby, totaling 16 locations across New Zealand. Clients can save on space without missing out on the infrastructure and systems of IWG, the global leading workplace provider.

It’s no surprise, then, that BizDojo has drawn in a diverse range of companies. And its commitment to hosting events and facilitating networks only further increases this advantage. Its aim is to offer a space in which companies and individuals can grow and connect.

One of its biggest challenges has been managing expectations and communicating fundamentals. The team have put in the work to ensure BizDojo provides a healthy and diverse environment for all manner of people and companies – whether you are from a start-up or large corporate, everyone’s part of the community.

Another challenge common in any coworking space is noise, which BizDojo has provided a solution for – a dedicated quiet space out back. While this has contained part of it, there are also times when workers need a private space to make calls or have conversations without sacrificing confidentiality – which is where Silent Pod has come in handy.

The team at BizDojo has found the Pod is used a lot for one-on-one meetings and weekly catchups among teams. It’s provided a specialised option alongside the meeting rooms it already has and has been booked every day. All in all, Rhiana told us, Silent Pod has been an effective and beneficial element of the BizDojo infrastructure.

If you would like to explore the options available at Bizdojo you can go to, a platform that connects thousands of businesses that are looking for a space each month.

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