Return and Warranty Policy


  • Silent Pod will offer a 5 year warranty on all structural and 1 year warranty all electrical components against defects when used normally.

  • We reserve the right to exclude warranty to consumable parts that are designed to diminish over time, or cosmetic damage (normal wear and tear due to normal ageing of the product) including but not limited to scratches and dents;

  • Product damage caused by negligent product misuse, or external cause;

  • Product damage caused by relocation;

  • Problems related to electrical power or installation not performed by Silent Pod;

  • Servicing or maintenance not authorised or handled by Silent Pod;

  • Unless stated otherwise shipment costs for warranty repairs or replacements shall be paid by the Customer.

Return Policy

We reserve the right to:

  • Contract out (opt out) of the CGA if the products or services they sell will be used for commercial or business purposes;

  • Choose how to price our products or services;

  • Refuse a consumer’s offer to buy a product or service;

  • Decide to repair, replace or refund a product, or fix a problem with a service, if the problem can be fixed – unless it’s a serious problem, then you can tell them you want a refund or replacement, or cancel the service;

  • Refuse a refund or any other remedy if a consumer changes their mind about a product or service, or damages the product after the sale;

  • Refuse to fix a problem with a service if the fault was caused by the consumer or events outside of the service provider’s control;

  • Be paid for products or services they sell that meet the CGA guarantees.

Silent Pod will not:

  • Knowingly sell faulty products or sub-standard services

  • Delay if a customer complains — they must not fob you off or put off looking into it

  • Refuse to deal with complaints about products that arrive damaged after being delivered. If it’s a valid complaint, they should offer a replacement or refund. They can then take it up with the courier, delivery company or insurance company directly so they’re not left out of pocket.