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Mobile work zones for every office space

Single Pod

Single Pod

Includes delivery and installation for Auckland only.
New Zealand wide POA.

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Stay comfortable while you work with 2 x ventilation fans and a total output of 56 litres per second

LED light
Dimmable overhead LED light creates a soft, warm, and calming working environment

External walls
51mm walls are constructed from a polyester acoustic wall lining, plywood, acoustic foam, and powder-coated sheet steel that create a whisper-quiet workspace without compromising on design

Whether you’re taking a phone call or working solo, there’s plenty of space for all your devices

Power outlets
Keep your devices charged while you work using the three-pin power plug outlet, as well as USB A and C ports, conveniently located just above the desk

Stainless-steel handle
A strong stainless-steel handle is designed to withstand high-traffic office environments

Ergonomic stool
Sit comfortably while you work with an ergonomic stool in either black or white

Single Pod

$8,500 plus GST – Includes furniture.

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Acoustic interior walls
The interior wall lining is made from acoustic felt for maximum sound reduction and cosy comfort

Pods are powered by a standard 230V three-pin plug that plugs straight into a wall socket – no fixed wiring required

Lockable wheels
Pods are mounted on cast iron wheels with adjustable heights so you can move it wherever and whenever you want

Safety glass
10mm glass enhances safety and sound insulation, add an option to frost the windows for added privacy

Ethernet port
Remain connected to your networks while you work

For peace of mind, pods come with a three-year warranty on any structural defects and a one-year warranty on electrical components

Enjoy nationwide installation, and free delivery and installation to locations in Auckland

W x D x H


Single pod

Sometimes staff need to take a private phone call or zero in on important work without having to leave the office. The Single Pod gives them the privacy they need away from distractions while minimising disruption to the rest of the office.


The science behind the silence

One of the most unique features of Silent Pod’s pods is its acoustic prowess. All pods are constructed with a 51mm thick wall – polyester acoustic wall lining, plywood, sound acoustic foam, and a powder-coated sheet steel exterior – for maximum sound insulation. 10mm glass provides safety and silence, acoustic felt provides natural sound insulation, while a ventilation fan with a baffle system keeps you cool with minimal noise disruption. All of this adds up to superior comfort that reduces office noise, enhances work productivity and minimises disruption to the rest of the office.


Move your pod wherever you want, whenever you want to

All pods have a rolling base that lets you easily move them around the office, so Finance can run through the accounts in the morning and Marketing can collab on the other side of the office that afternoon. Adjustable position locks let you adjust the height to balance out uneven floors then hold the pod securely in place. And when your lease expires, Silent Pod will relocate your pods to your new office for you.

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